Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Pens Are Mightier Than Others

I've developed some relatively strong opinions about certain things. These opinions could be considered odd by many observers. Take for example, my choice of writing instruments. I very often draft my writing on paper before typing it up. I use both pen and pencil for this. The paper I use is not often extremely important however, it must be college rule and thick enough to absorb a little ink, but not cardstock. I'm far too cheap for that. I typically use your standard spiral notebook. Although with the holidays coming up I may try to acquire a nice moleskine dedicated to any creative pursuits.

Beyond my ramblings on paper quality, are the far more important choices in instruments. I've never had particularly legible penmanship. I have however always valued a nice sharp pencil tip. I hate using those wooden atrocities and instead favor the less environmentally friendly disposable mechanical pencil. Not the refillables, especially the cheap refillables. My favorites are of a specific design, .7 mm, twist-tip Papermates. Much to Red Leader's disdain I demand this specific pencil. The wonderfully sharp point is just not something that other pencils replicate well. It writes nice and dark when you want it to, and is still very erasable. I love this pencil.

Oh Sharpwriter, I do love you.

I have an equally strong opinion about my choice of pen, or ink-pen as I have often heard. (side rant: whenever anyone says 'ink-pen' in my presence, I'm always quick to ask them if they regularly use 'blood-pens' or 'hat-pens' for their writing. Yes, I try to pronounce 'pen' and 'pin' differently.) My personal pen preference is the Pilot G2 pen. Someone introduced these pens when I was in high school debate. I just love how smoothly they write. 

So smooth. Oh so smooth.
There's an interesting feeling that writing on paper gives me. For some reason writing on paper often inspires me to write more than I had otherwise intended. I often find myself just staring at that screen void of anything but a blinking cursor. So I guess this means I've outed myself as a killer of trees and polluter of environments. Before you judge me, know that I do recycle. Alright, let the stone throwing commence!


  1. I write everything out on paper first as well. I just can't find the creative vibe sitting in front of the computer. I do, however, favour the "wooden attrocities" - I like the way they smell.

    And my all time favourite pen is the Pilot Precise. Hands down the best pen (in my opinion) for writing AND drawing... But their new(ish) Varsity disposable fountain pen is running a close second.

    How geeked out are we discussing pens and pencils on a blog....?

  2. I don't dislike the smell of wooden pencils, I just dislike how fast they dull.

    One Christmas in high school, I received a cartridge fountain pen as a gift. I used the heck out of it, until messed up the nib or something. It eventually just spewed ink everywhere as I recall. Since writing this, I've looked into getting a moleskine and another cartridge fountain pen. The cost really isn't as prohibitive as I thought it would be. My only concern with a moleskine/fountain pen combo is waterproofing/blotting.

    My strategy is to embrace the geekiness... Much to my wife's chagrin. :)